This Chinese style passive solar greenhoue retrofit design generates so many questions I have to answer them here

This video is also posted on YouTube where I receive so many comments and questions. I choose to answer all questions here:

So ask questions here as Richard Nelson @SolaRoofGuy the inventor of SolaRoof, is also here as admin and moderator. For questions I do not have hands on experience, he can answer much better than me :slight_smile:

Hi PyraPOD friends. I look forward to your questions. We want to enable you to experience the magic of BubbleTech yourself and then teach others.

Great things are achieved by DOING a little thing TODAY! Dreaming is good - but if you donโ€™t take action your dreams cannot come true. I canโ€™t give up trying to encourage people to DO the little things they can do to make things just a little bit better.

PyraPOD4 is a small space to make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.

Thank you Richand for yor generosity! I have learned a lot from you so that I do not need a proof of concept. I know it works and it has always been working like this in nature.

Our body is another example: why does the body temperature stay around 37 degrees C constantly? The same heat source and sink balance principle in action. It is all about balance.

With PyraPOD under SolaRoof, the only differencc is that the heat source is the SUN which is outside, while the heat source of our body is within ourselveds, supplied by the food we eat and burn inside.

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Well said Aubrey! I also like the earth atmosphere analogy