New category within Bubble Fun created

I am just trying to streamline the Bubble Fun category and adding this Bubble Fun Festival as a sub-category of the the former.

We may need other categories, like “What is your dream?”

Thanks, Aubrey. I am assembling a local GTA Bubble Fun Festival team here in Markham / Scaarborough / Toronto [via PODNet GTA and Drawdown Markham] as well, and we are starting to plan for a Summer Bubble Fun Festival event for this June/July/August probably. (We might even have two [2] this year here in Ontario! … with the other in either Niagara or Kingston area – TBD.)
Most important thing for us (locally) is probably to either purchase or construct a Bubble Machine and “shower” structure… but also to identify the specific site here in Markham (we may be doing it at a public park [?] with the City as a partner) but also begin create the branding and nail down the details so that we can start to do marketing for the event within the next couple of months. Local conversations are ongoing…

Great! For that, I spent one night and got the Bubble Fun Festival free membership site running:

So far, I see Carla Napper has tested the membership registration process. We provide in the member’s area, the 2D design needed to start building a Bubble Box as shown in two videos below (in case I did not show here elsewhere)…

This second video is showing the one I am physically working on.

Once I get this Bubble Box working, then extending the four legs we have the Bubble Tower or Shower for the Festival.

Great Aubrey, I tested also the free membership site. It works without any problem. Simple registration form, after registration I got an email asking me to click a link and confirm registration. Once I logged in I saw both designs for BubbleBox. Nice!

I understand the free membership is for DIY persons. Then my question is…

Are we going to have a paid membership for those who would like to host this event locally?

Thanks, Aubrey.

FYI, I have also been further thinking about and developing some of the #themes around our upcoming #SunlightSpectacle2021 event which we hope to host parts of the event here in the Greater Toronto Area (#theMeetingPlace4TurtleIsland), in conversation with Carlos Richard Sankoh, Country Director of the Zaindriss Foundation, Sierra Leone (CC’d) and through our conversations within the “Victory Pandemic Sierra Leone” discussion group.

Some relevant themes and rationale for undertaking this portion of the #UnityPandemic may include:

Initiating a discussion about telling the stories about the people who are here on Turtle Island (“Turtle Islanders”), i.e. those who were born on Turtle Island and who are not an Indian, not a “subject of the QUEEN” (of England) and who are not nor were ever conidered to be “slaves”.

Note: Every Woman and Man that was or is born on Turtle Island IS Indigenous to the Land.**


Simon, the paid membership may be considered in the future.

I see your point, Lloyd, that website needs some retouch, making it more aligned with the nature. Once I find the right people taking over the website design from me (I only get the functionality right), then he or she will do a bettern job.


Thank you very much for trying to call the #UnityPandemic Leaders meeting for this morning.

Unfortunately even for me there was some confusion about the time of day (Start time was given as 11am EST AND as 9am EST), and it is likely that most people do need to be provided with additional “heads up” and some advance time to plan ahead and put the meeting into their schedule / calendar.

This is all part of a process of “formalizing” the Unity Pandemic / “stand4unity” (Campaigns) that Corin Smith began, and that “uses the language of forgiveness rather than fun to qualify its value structure” in order to help to bring this to a wider audience, and where we can begin to formalize our “community engagement process” in a way that benefits a much wider audience, hopefully (far) beyond Toronto and Los Angeles and Bermuda.*

*Note: Bermuda is, as Corin calls it, “a fixed point of reference in the Bermuda Triangle multiverse that serves as the ‘iris’ of the five eyes of intelligence in the ‘White Anglo Saxon Privilege’ between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, because they are at the heart of the ‘original sins’ doctrine of the British Empire in Virginia.”

As I wrote to both Joan and Andrew, it is also an attempt at formalizing a process for #BringingCommunityTogether and to bring attention to the #LocalSocialEntrepreneurs – bringing the community together to support #HumanitarianEnterprise (#LocalSocialEnterprise that seeks to implement the solutions to achieving the SDGs glocally).


Thank you very much, Terrance.

I took your words to heart and believe that this will be the best path forward as well.

Also, specifically, I would like to thank the various supporters of #DrawdownMarkham and #PodNETGTA and #VictoryPandemicGTA who are copied on this email for all of the support that you have provided to Drawdown Markham (and to myself, personally) over the past years (since pre-pandemic times ~ almost as if it were another era… like a bit of a dream, actually).

These people include:

(in approximate order from the time I first met or was introduced to them, either in person or – as is usually the case – virtually)

Here in Canada:

Joan Kerr, FBSC (Oshawa, ON), whom I have known the longest, was first connected to me in 2009 – about 12 years ago – through George Canetti, a former Toronto-based Canadian associate of the Clinton Climate Initiative, and who became an important member of our Science for Peace Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG) in early 2015 (through her interest in CSAYN-Canada and our mutual proposal to establish her “Canadian Victory Gardens” as “Climate Smart” Victory Gardens / CSV Gardens, based on ideas generated as we co-created the CSF Programme** and protocols through the CoSWoG “CSF Working Group”, in support of the original “RNUP Project” and the CSAYN, based out of Cameroon).
Joan was an original member of our “CSOntario Leadership Team”, established around December 2015 (with Kaileigh Nichols, Country Coordinator for CSAYN-Canada and people like Charles Kamin, our Carbon-negative Communities facilitator and Prakash Jha who sought to bring the CSF Programme to Nepal in cooperation with our Energime associate and Chief Knowledge R&D Coach Dr. Mufaddal Shaikh Akbar Ali Mirza). CC: Ganga Awal (in Nepal)

Dennis Morrison, whom I have known since about 2011 – when I was working [through our Biochar Ontario partners] with people like Zora Ignjatovic [community gardener] on our “Carrot Common Rooftop Garden Project” to demonstrate biochar in greenroofs on the roof above the Big Carrot Natural Food Market @ 348 Danforth Ave in downtown Toronto, a truly landmark building and business in Toronto. (The Big Carrot is a worker-owned natural food market that has been committed to local, organic, non-GMO and sustainable food systems since 1983.) [It is possible that I was introduced to Dennis even before that by former Biochar Ontario member Chief Zane Bell through his involvement with various First Nation projects in Canada and worldwide, some of which included testing biochar in different settings.]

Maria Sherry Lacson Tan, Seeds of Hope Pinakbet International (Scarborough / Toronto), who joined our Drawdown Markham CCAH in about May 2019 when she was working with the Malvern Family Resource Centre on three [3] different community gardens, one at the Littles Road (Nielson Park), the Blackwell children community garden and another at the Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough.

Mohamed Taarji, an Environment and Renewable Energy Project Manager from Drawdown Toronto whom I connected with through WE-Energime-Global Cooperation Turtle Island (August 2019) and also through Satya Robinson @ Drawdown Toronto (and Drawdown Caledon) back in about September 2019, and who seemed to have some interest in our “carbon farming” initiative for Toronto / York Region (GTA) last summer as well as possibly (eventually) helping to bring the CSF Programme to his home country of Morocco (north Africa), and thus joined our CSF Consulting Group (LinkedIn professionals group) back in February 2020. Mohamed also joined the Victory Pandemic GTA team in May 2020 as an “inter-community Advisor for DD Markham” (helping to bridge communications between Drawdown Markham and Drawdown Toronto, specifically). Mohamed is also a Greater Unity Pandemic founding team member and had once shown an interest in being a member of our CTP Program “GTA Tree Planting Task Force” (also for Toronto).

Alex Leikermoser, whom I have known for about a year (since early April 2020) through my connection with Dennis and who immediately saw the potential for creating Peaceful communities through the Greater Unity Pandemic campaigns (in alignment with her Yoga Training and teaching practice). I also had a mutual contact in Drawdown Toronto/Caledon, Satya Robinson (from the Pachamama Alliance – a group that is still acknowledged in our Drawdown Markham Logo).

Dr. Nicodeme Mugisho-Demu, MD, Community Matters Toronto (St. James Town), whom I also met around mid-April 2020, and by the end of the month was already taking part in our “Trees of P&R” tree planting event and Sunlight Spectacle 2020 show in St. James Town, and took part in some of our “CSF Program” Twinning discussions (as it related to our discussions with Patrick Kaka @ GIERI in DRC).

Aubrey Zhang @ the PyraPOD company in British Columbia whom I have known since about October 2020, through Richard Nelson @ the Solaroof Company.

Linda Ganda and Tasnim Jivaji, whom I just met recently and nominated as “GTA Summer Bubble Fun Festival” co-organizers.

Linda, who is from Zimbabwe, but now lives in Toronto (Scarborough), is herself a refugee who fled her country and came to Canada recently (she is not a Citizen yet, but a Landed Immigrant). But she was also excited about working with people like Taha Burhani, a member of the local Muslim Dawoodi Bohra community here in York Region. Taha himself was born and raised in Tanzania and lived on Zanzibar island before coming to Canada. I met Taha through working with my Energime colleague in Pakistan (Mufaddal) as we were having some discussions about creating “Climate Smart” communities here in Canada, especially for those who have been “left behind” (and in too many cases, forgotten) by “the [for-profit at any cost] system”.
Linda is also the one who had originally asked me if it might be possible that we could also help her do an International “Bubble Festival” in her home country of Zimbabwe as part of the “double SuperJubilee400” campaigns at that time (early December 2020). I had originally assigned her as “GTA Coordinated Summer Bubble Fun Festival Committee Chairperson”.

But then I was introduced as well to:

Tasnim Sheikh Jivaji from Mississauga, but was born and raised in Kenya, and had been in discussions with Mufaddal about assisting him to help enroll Mothers in the “TQLMA GEMBA Mothers network” (in both Canada and in Africa), likely in particular among new immigrants and recent refugees who have come to Canada. It was after having a discussion with Tasnim just before Christmas last year (Dec 21st) that she also agreed to join the GTA Coordinated Summer Bubble Fun Festival Committee (as Co-Chair, helping Linda to organize an event in the Greater Toronto Area for this summer).

and finally,

Angela Elizabeth Marie, Kindred Kitchens (Greater Toronto), who is now a core team member of our CSF Consulting Group that was originally established in February 2016 with Bill Sosinsky, CEO, Founder and Director of Energime University, Mark L. Takefman, Executive Director at Takefman & Associates and Ian Chow, MDP (Masters of Development Practice), H.B.A, co-founder of the Science for Peace Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG), who was also serving as our Communications, Publicity, Media and Outreach Coordinator. Angela will hopefully now begin to work with this team to help deliver and deploy the CSF Programme** in restaurants and food service establishments throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).*


RC Show 2021


RE: confirming “the time proposed and date for the next meeting”,

Let’s perhaps have a quick conversation with Andrew to confirm if he is open (and available) to the suggestion of:

Having this discussion as … an extension to the ongoing weekly Sunday discussion, “Encounter AHIABGA Network Decade of Action and Delivery on the SDGs” that takes place on Sunday March 7, 2021 @ 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT / Sierra Leone [Freetown].


having the [preliminary] discussion with, “ONLY those who are interested in entering into a FORMAL PARTNERSHIP to create a UnityPandemic business team

… IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the regularly scheduled Encounter AHIABGA Network Sunday call.

Thus, I would suggest a start time for the “Biz Meeting” two [2] hours later on Sunday (March 7th), thus starting at 12:00 PM noon PST / 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT / Sierra Leone if that works for you.

We can perhaps use the same Agenda that you had suggested previously, however I think that we should keep things simple and focus on online one [1] Topic:

“creating a Management Company (a Business partnership, "UnityPandemic business team") that coordinates the promotional campaigns (and develops marketing / common branding) related to the various events, co-branded with the solutions”, by:

  • "formalizing" the Unity Pandemic / “stand4unity” (****“community engagement process” Campaigns) (that Corin Smith began)… in order to help to bring this to a wider audience.

i.e. “creating a (standard) “Unity Pandemic” / “stand4unity” (template) campaign that helps to engage local communities in these conversations about “open source regenerative Climate Smart infrastructure” as a starting point toward having local discussions about Glocalizing the SDGs”**

** “creating the local dialogue around these “Processes of Glocalization” (of business and infrastructure) within each local community”.

Dear Colleagues,
I also agreed with Peter around the date. If we can shift it to either Tuesday or Wednesday -9th & 10th March at the Same time, it will be fine. I think that will provide enough room for the planners to prepare the prelim draft of what we are planning to present to the rest of the participants. What do you think please?

My regards…


I am available on Monday or Tuesday March 8 & 9 during the day or evenings (local time / EST) between about 8:00am and 2:00pm and again after 4:00pm EST.



RE: “either Tuesday or Wednesday -9th & 10th March at the Same time”

Best date for me: Tuesday March 10th @ “Same time” == 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST** / 6:00 PM GMT / Sierra Leone [Freetown]

** Please note that I cannot join any meeting during the week (M-F) at 3:00pm EST since that is the exact time that I need to pick up my wife from work every weekday (since she works from 7am-3pm every day). [I leave at 2:40pm and return at about 3:20pm usually… unless we happen to need to go shopping or she has an appointment or something. *Family first*.]

#Agree and confirming on Tuesday March 9th @ 10AM PST / 1:00PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT / Sierra Leone [Freetown].

Just sent out my own message / response with the same suggestion… although I made a mistake in the Subject. (Should be March 9th, not 10th.)

Glad to know that we are finding #synergy.

CC (again) Mitch Gold (poforpeace) @ UN Office of the Future


Dear Colleagues,

It is now time to finally decide on the date for the meeting since some people have problems with the initially suggested Sunday. Already, people have started appreciating Tuesday, 9th March, 2021. I am busy on Wednesday with PDAC sessions for the whole day. I am a volunteer of their short term courses in Geochemical Modelling, Environmental Intelligence, Modern techniques in Applied Structural Geology Exploration, Geological Interpretation in Applied Aeromagnetic Data, Crucial Scale Controls on Gold and Base Metals, etc.
Thanks and hoping to get from you soon for the final date and time.

My regards

Dear colleagues,

I appreciate all to get a common synergy around our Unity Pandemic meeting. I suggest setting up a clear agenda and facilitators for this session. I suggest Lloyd, Adrew, Mitch from UN, Terrance, Carlos and others can build from the already proposed agenda b4 now. What are thoughts please?



Suggest one [1] person as “facilitator”, and I suggest Andrew… with control over Agenda, power to Mute “offenders” etc.

Proposed Agenda:


  • Introduction (Purpose of the meeting) - Carlos and Lloyd

  • Individual introductions (from each / all participants) – All

  • General discussion on proposed and possible path(s) forward – All

  • Agree to Work together to move forward and establish something like “UnityPandemic Business Group” (name TBD)

  • Agree to establish Legal Business Entity (Partnership) in Canada (or otherwise, arguments for different arrangement)

  • Establish and Agree on overall (overarching) Purpose of the “UnityPandemic Business Group” (name TBD)

  • Closing remarks / additional comments


Follow-up meetings / discussions can determine Share Capital and distribution and Management structure, Board and oversight etc.

Please just a slight clarification…on the date.for the meeting…is Tuesday, 9th March, 2021…

Thanks Andrew and Carlos.

Confirming again.

Also, based on (brief) discussion with Bill S. @ EnergimeU I would also like to invite him to attend this meeting as well.



Thanks to all colleagues.


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