My dream is to grow my own vegetables in an all climate greenhouse!

It is the best to eat vegetables while they are living and fresh. You pick and then eat. That is the main reason I pursure the act of building an all climate greenhouse in the backyard of our family.

Ummm… yummy!

For that matter I first tested a few aquaponics systems. Eventually through test and trial, I have found the simplest and easiest: iAVS sandponice (Mark McMurtry was the one who perfected it).

I made a video showing the two units I built - very crude I know as I was simply testing:

I love it so much that I set up a website in Chinese (well, no time to do the English to Chinese translation):

Gary Donaldson is now the person actively promoting it. Here is his website and it is all in English for sure:

Anyway, this is the system that I will incorporate inside PyraPOD once I set up one in my backyard.

Getting there.