My backyard DIY project in Kelowna BC, Canada

I am going to install PyraPOD4 Tall that we design ourselves in the backyard of our house. Here is the look of that design:

I have made two videos conring this DIY project:

The design:

The finished structure before painting:

If you want to follow me and do what I am doing, let me know!

This is a followup video for my project:

Today I met Tim Allen of Down to the Wire Welding in Kelowna BC:

and we discussed the actual build of the metal structure and site preparation. We came up the simplest and smartest way to combine solar thermal with geo thermal:

So happy for this design!

Some minor adjusments and position of bubble generator explained - previous orientation was correct and this one is wrong.

To raise the money needed for this project, I have used GoFundMe for the first time:

Please help me spread the words. Thanks!

Size changed - now it is much larger!

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Building permit application process and documents needed.

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My first bubble fun day:

Day 33 on April 15: I got the bubbles with a fan, nozzle & air filter screen with half the thickness

Day 39 of PyraPOD4 Grande-17 Backyard DIY: use reticulated foam sheet received to make bubbles

Day 40 of PyraPOD4 G-17 Backyard DIY: 2 Sketchup sessions on details of structure & bubble generator

Day 42 of PyraPOD4 G-17 Backyard DIY: double foam sheets, air tightness, more open hole wire mesh