Have you dreamed of living in a cottage that can float on water? We call it PyraFLOT

This video:

Three months ago we designed a very large floating community center we call PyraTOPE, here is the link to it:


Now we have a much smaller version we call PyraFLOT. It is like a floating cottage (much larger than a mini house) that can be built with one unit or two and four units attached together. The same structure can be buried in ground with gravels so that when a tsunami or local flooding happens, the whole thing can float on water.

The inner space has 4 levels for human living and food growing. It is an off-grid design with with a lot of space for clean water and life support storage. Here are some screenshots:

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Aubrey this is a great presentation of PyraFLOT - but I think describing The project as a mini home gives the wrong impression because it has four levels and about 2,000 ft² but it is vertical with a compact footprint on water. I think the closest word would be a cottage, a floating cottage. Not only is there living space but it is an off-grid design with the food and water for life support more than enough for a family built in. We are also working out the details for off-grid energy and sanitation. This product would be entirely free from any emissions or effluents and it has a zero carbon footprint.

Yes, floating cottage is a better term - will change it right now.