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General - introduce yourself

As the name indicates, it is a category that you can talk about anything, the first of all, introduce yourself to this community. Keep it short. Yes, you can enter a link to you or your company.

Gardening Smarter and Safer Not Harder

This is another area I feel that we have left out. There are many good gardening practices out there. I picked the picture of David Latimer for this category because what he has demonstrated is thought provoking - could plant live in a totally sealed space?

Bubble Fun

Who does not like bubbles? So share any fun part about bubbles.

Waste Treatment and Organic Food

OK, I feel this is a major category that I have left out. Richard and Gregory may like it along with many others. I know Richard Nelson started a Food2Waste2Food program in Norway some years ago. I got a PhD in Chemistry but I cannot accept the way how we treat waste with chemicals! The nature does things quite differently and does it really well. No chemicals. No burning garbage with fire.

PyraCAR - new type of electric cars

This category is dedicated to a new type of electric cars we are developing. As in the case of PyraPOD greenhouses, PyraCAR is designed to be built by yourself. Eventual it will run a metal fuel cell which is 6 times more powerful than a Lithium battery of the same size.

PyraLEV - new and safe air ships

PyraLEV represents a new and safe type of air ships that Richard Nelson has been working on. So many innovative ideas and techniques have been incorporated in the design that you will love it when the first prototype is revealed to the general public.

I have a DREAM - what is that?

Everyone knows who said this phrase “I have a dream” - but your dream may be different at a different time. Share it and let us know.

All about Bubbles & Water

This is a place to discuss the use of bubbles in general. Specific uses will be in a separate category.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.